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Rockin' Green Stinky Pet Odor Neutralizer

Rockin' Green Stinky Pet Odor Neutralizer

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When you need a quick spritz of freshness, Stinky Pet comes to the rescue! This is a true ODOR NEUTRALIZER - it doesn't just mask odors but actually removes them! Clear, non-staining and safe to use on all sorts of things.

How can you use Stinky Pet?

  •  Spray in the AIR to get a fresh scent all around 
  •  On FABRICS like drapes and furniture for an instant boost 
  •  Smelly cat LITTER? Oh yeah, spary it on there. 
  •  You find a ton of ways to use it! 

Best of all- it works great in conjunction with the Rockin' Green detergent, so use both to keep your home smelling AMAZING!

Unscented- for the most sensitive of pets.

Sold in Master Case of 6 Bottles